• Most families have some sort of family tree; however, it’s probably not in the form of an 81-foot-long roll of paper.

    That is the case for the family of Robert and Keziah Willis, who Williston is named after. Their family tree traces from their 13 children to descendants living all over the country, from Williston to New York.

    Dozens of family members, many of whom have never met nor been to Williston, were in town over the weekend for a union to learn more about their family history.

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On July 12 in adult league softball action, the Elko Builders were hitting on all cylinders in a 14-7 come-from-behind win over Mod Squad of Hampton.

Elko coach Keith Parker said his players never counted themselves out after falling behind early on.

“This was a game that didn’t start well, but ended well for us,” Parker said. “Our player did an excellent job of fighting back. Overall, I thought we did a great job of hitting the ball through the gaps and running the bases.”

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Seeking help, whether for physical or mental issues, is nothing to be ashamed of. Consider it “fitness”.

When you have the flu or other physical ailment, you seek out medical advice.

You should be able to do the same thing when the ailment is mental instead of physical.

However, a lot of stigma surrounds mental illness and hinder people from seeking the help they need.

An estimated 44 million adults in America, including 3,000 in Barnwell County, experience mental illness.