• Heritage Healthcare System announced this week that they will open an urgent care center in Barnwell, hopefully within the next few weeks.

    According to a press release, Heritage Healthcare System is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization “whose mission is restoring quality healthcare in rural communities.”

    The urgent care facility will be located at 914 Reynolds Road in Barnwell near the Polly Best Center and across the street from the former Southern Palmetto Hospital.

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On Saturday night in the Blackville-Hilda High gymnasium, the Williston-Elko High varsity boys basketball team tipped off against Hunter-Kinard-Tyler High for the third time this season in a regular season playoff game to determine champions of Region 3A.

The teams split during the regular season with each winning on its home floor.

For the Blue Devils and the Trojans, the rubber match was one more opportunity for someone to establish dominance in what has been a two-team race this season in Region 3A.

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Thank you for reading the Church Covenant. This is Week Two of the Church Covenant.

I know as you rediscover the Church Covenant, you will come to realize how wonderful your salvation is to you! I believe you will also come to realize how great it is to be a member of the local church, which is the Family of God. You will also discover how important you are to God and to His church. I hope you will discover the joy of supporting the church of our living Lord!