• The community is coming together to help a Barnwell man who was severely burned on more than half of his body Friday night.

    Todd Grubbs was among a group of people who were gathered around a burn barrel at 2051 Hartzog Road on Feb. 5. Around 11 p.m. someone poured some kind of gasoline - possibly diesel fuel - into the fire. Fuel splashed on Grubbs and he caught on fire, said Barnwell County Sheriff Ed Carroll.

    “It appears to be an accident,” said Carroll, who classified the case as active until they can interview Grubbs.

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For the Barnwell High girls varsity basketball team, a second half superlative defensive performance and an offense that did nearly everything right paved the way for victory in a 59-38 win over Woodland High Feb. 2 in Barnwell.

Defensively, the Lady Warhorses caged the Lady Wolverines’ shooters in the second half. Adrienne Bell paced the unit with seven steals as the Lady Warhorses held Woodland High to just six of 24 shooting from the field.

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At a concert last weekend at the Barnwell County Museum in celebration of Black History Month, one person said, “This is the history of America of which this is a part.”

Black History Month is not a time to be exclusive. It is a time to be inclusive.

Our history is the fabric of our lives and each thread is important to remember.

Some of those threads are soft and comfortable. Others are itchy, making us want to scratch. A few poke us in the ribs, reminding us of the not-so-nice periods of our lives.