• Kelvin Kearse’s family has always been there for him, no matter how many miles separated them.

    The family is now coming together for each other after the 24-year-old Allendale resident died Saturday in a car accident in Barnwell County.

    His extended family pledges their love and support to Kearse’s girlfriend Talonda Dicks and infant daughter Aubreanna, just as they did for Kearse after his father died when Kearse was young.

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The Barnwell Major League All-Stars (11 to 12 year olds) kept their title hopes alive Monday in the second round of the District 6 tournament in Clearwater.

Barnwell rebounded from a first-round loss to take down Gregg Park by a count of 16-9 in six innings.

It was a must-win situation for a Barnwell team that fell to Orangeburg in the opening round.

Barnwell coach Britt Pender said it was gut-check time for his team.

“It was simple. Win and we continue to play or lose and we go home,” Pender said.

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You’ve probably seen the hilarious man-on-the-street videos of Americans who seem to have little grasp of either current events or American history.

While entertaining, the videos are all a bit horrifying, in that they reveal a level of ignorance and apathy that is wholly incompatible with a self-governed nation.

No such nation can long endure if its citizens don’t know what’s gone on before, what’s going on now, who’s doing it, and how our system even works.

Yet, increasingly, that appears to be the case in the United States.