Thanks for keeping faith with the county

In these tough economic times when the news in Barnwell County is about what businesses are going away, perhaps it is a good time to remind ourselves about what industries are staying.

More than that, it's a good opportunity to thank them for keeping the faith with Barnwell County and reccognizing the continuing business benefits the county offers.

Barnwell County does have a good pool of labor to draw from, especially for manufacturing concerns.

Likewise, South Carolina has been noted in the nation for its efforts to create a "business-friendly" environment to attract industries here.

Barnwell County has relatively lower costs of operations for businesses and reliable electrical and utility services.

The county is still centrally located between other major metropolitan areas like Charleston, Atlanta, Savannah and Columbia. The county's relative proximity to the Charleston port (and eventually the Jasper County port) while having lower land costs, is another selling point for industrial recruitment.

The county also has access to three technical schools within a 45-minute drive of it.

The leadership on the state and county levels has been over the years amiable to creating bargaining possibilities for tax incentives and fee-in-lieu-of-tax agreements to further position Barnwell County as a viable business location.

While many industries are looking inward now for ways to save money, we should be thankful for the ones that are still looking out for Barnwell County. Our hope is that when the economy strengthens, others will see what the county offers.