Cheryl Banks

‘Relationship’ talks important topic for kids

Dear Editor,

Teens often say that it’s impossible to talk to their parents about love, sex, and relationships.

Parents, you might think they don’t want to hear it, but most teens say they do want to learn about sex, love, and relationships from their parents.

Here are ten tips for starting” the talk”.

1. Start Early. Use this “window of opportunity” and talk with your children early and often about important issues like love, sex and relationships.

‘Let’s Talk Month’ encourages parents to have open conversations

October is known as “Let’s Talk Month”. During this month parents are encouraged to have an open conversation with their children regarding love, sex, and relationships.

Starting age appropriate conversations early and into early adulthood will help young people make smarter decisions regarding their sexual health.

Parents are encouraged to listen to what the teen has to say without getting upset or judging. Believe it or not, these conversations will get easier the more often you have them.

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