3 locals win scholarships at CSRA College Night

More than 7,500 high school students, parents and educators from the greater Aiken-Augusta area recently met with recruiters from over 130 colleges and universities during this year’s CSRA College Night.

“We’re excited about the amazing turnout from throughout the entire region,” said Gladys Moore, Program Coordinator, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS). “We use virtually every square inch of the arena to help college recruiters provide much needed information to the students. One recruiter described it as the ‘Super Bowl of all college recruiting events.’”

Trinity Baptist to celebrate Homecoming, pastor appreciation

On Sunday, Oct. 2, Trinity Baptist Church will observe Homecoming.

They will also celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day. Rev. Rommie Martin and his wife, Frances, have served their Lord at Trinity Baptist for the past 25 years.

Before coming to Trinity, Rommie served as interim pastor of St. John's Baptist Church. The members were real faithful to their church during the time they were without a full-time pastor. They encouraged Rommie to follow God's call for the ministry of our Lord.

Community, newspaper thanked for help with emergency need at Axis 1 food bank

Dear Editor,

Let this letter serve as a heartfelt thank you to so many wonderful people of Barnwell County. I have worked at Axis I as the Executive Director for over 42 years. Axis I has been a part of the Barnwell County Helpline since the 1980s. I have seen and felt the love and kindness that this community has for each other when someone is in need. This past week has once again shown me the kindness and loving nature of so many.

Challenge: We Are One Wednesdays

Dear Editor,

I’m issuing a challenge, We Are One Wednesdays!

Our world has had many incidents, some recent and some that are lingering. Many of these incidents exemplify hate and division. On Wednesdays, beginning tomorrow, we can overshadow our world with LOVE. I am challenging you to see “color” and when you do, give a special gesture of love for/towards someone of a different color or race.

High school students invited to CSRA College Night

High school students will have an opportunity to meet over 300 recruiters from more than 130 colleges and universities and win scholarships totaling $16,000 at CSRA College Night, to be held Thursday, Sept. 15, 5-8:30 p.m., at the James Brown Arena, Augusta, Ga. Admission is free and open to the public.
“Over the years, more than $300,000 in scholarship funding has been offered to area students who attend College Night. We thank those who so generously make this event a success every year.”   -- Carol Johnson, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, President & CEO

Storm responders worked ‘extremely hard’

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank those who responded to Tropical Storm Hermine to keep our community safe.

The sheriff’s department, dispatchers, fire, EMS, local police and fire departments, public works, SCDOT, SCE&G, Edisto Electric, and many others worked extremely hard to protect our citizens. Without the cooperation of all of these entities, our county would not have been able to recover as quickly as we have.

Williston Police Department to cite ‘panhandlers’

The following was posted recently on the Williston Police Department’s Facebook page.

It’s come to our attention that several of our fellow townsfolk have come forward to complain about certain individuals harassing the Williston citizenry regarding charitable donations while those citizens are going through their daily activities. We have been asked to deal with this issue.

As you go about your business in the future, you may see our officers writing citations for the activity known as panhandling. We’d like to ask for your understanding in several items.

Grubbs family expresses extreme gratitude

Dear Editor,

The Grubbs clan would like to thank each person that has shown acts of kindness to our family by hosting and attending fundraisers and blood drives, donating items and monies, furnishing us with meals, showing love, keeping us in your thoughts and, most importantly, sending up many prayers for our family during one of the most difficult, yet humbling times in our lives.

Around 10:15 p.m. on February 5, 2016, our lives were changed forever when we received a phone call that at the time was our worst nightmare.

Scarlet Knights appreciative

Dear Editor,

The Scarlet Knights would like to thank everyone for all the donations given during band camp. Special recognition goes out to Wal-Mart, Swiss Krono, Bi-Rite, B&B Ford, Galco, and TNT Printing. The response we got from the community was overwhelming. It means so much to know our community supports us not only with words but with actions as well. I would love to list everyone personally but am scared I would forget someone and that would be terrible, so let me just say..... WE LOVE BARNWELL and WE APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Tabitha Zorn, on behalf of

Clinton is ‘a disgrace and embarrrassment’

Dear Editor,

I am not one that usually speaks out but I would like to respond to Ms. Mary Ann Kolb’s letter last week to the editor.

As to the statement you made that Barack Obama was a good man – the kind of husband and father you would hope your sons would grow up to be and someone your daughter would marry – I have totally disagree with you on this issue. He has lied and embarrassed this country to no end. This country is in the worst shape it has ever been in, no thanks to him. Just look at the stats – they prove it.

Creech, Buckmon right to support pay raises

Dear Editor,

I commend Jerry Creech for standing up for the employees of Barnwell County to get a pay increase. I realize that he misspoke concerning the funds that the Clerk of Court gets from the federal government (not the state) which cannot be used for pay increases.

It would be nice for the County Council to quit following Keith Sloan’s direction.

The following are things that Keith has pushed which has put the county where it is today:

1) Selling the hospital.

Lions thank all who buy calendars, brooms

Dear Editor,
Thanks to all of you who have been buying one of our Lions Club Birthday Calendars each year! 
If you have not, and desire to purchase a calendar and list your birthdays and wedding anniversary date, we would like to sign you up. The calendars are $5 each, and each listing is 50 cents. There are coupons to some of our local businesses that are worth more that $5 per month each month!

Chief requests trimmed trees, widened gates

Dear Editor,

Fire trucks and ambulances are taller vehicles than your average family SUV. They have trouble getting to many houses in the county due to lack of maintenance to tree limbs in driveways and narrow gates to fences.

If we cannot get to your house, we are not much use to you. If your driveway will not accommodate a vehicle the size of a school bus, then a fire truck will not make it either.

Combining municipal elections saves money

Dear Editor,

The June 14, 2016 Statewide Primary and June 28 runoff are in the history books. The June 28 runoff was a classic example of how just one vote decided if there would be a winner or a runoff in County Council District 03.

The voter turnout for the June 14 Statewide Primary election was 13.82 percent and Barnwell County 8.47 percent. The June 28 runoff had voter turnout of statewide 9.01 percent and county 6.52 percent. In the 2012 statewide primary voter turnout was 11.52 percent and county 6.54 percent, according to

BPD Chief asks for prayers, support for police

The following is a Facebook message posted on the City of Barnwell’s Police Department page:

Yesterday, I met with my officers and I assured them that the majority of citizens still believe in what they do and stand behind them. I assured them that if they continue to do the job they were called to do and do it based on the law and nothing else, the citizens will continue to hold them in high regard.

Pinwheels spin mental health message in May

May is Mental Health Month and to celebrate Aiken Barnwell Mental Health Center will flock its facilities with pinwheels.

Pinwheels symbolize many things - to turn one’s luck around, unseen energy, a journey of starting and stopping or diversity as each one is unique in color, shape, speed and size. For the Chinese culture, pinwheels represent an instrument to turn obstacles into opportunities.


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