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Resolutions for 2018

Resolutions are a way for all of us to take a close look in the mirror at least once a year and decide what we like and what needs to be changed.

And that is the beauty of it - we can change.

We have the power within us to change our circumstances, our surroundings and/or our attitudes. Change is hard so we encourage everyone to take “baby steps” towards their goals. Diets and exercise plans that go full force for the first two weeks of the year may not last. But making small changes each week, adding time or routines, will make success a whole lot more attainable.

We wish you hope

Christmas is a special time of year!

Houses are lit up with bright lights and adorned with pretty decorations.

The smell of Christmas cookies and other delicious treats fills the air.

Nostalgic movies and songs bring smiles to young and old.

The excitement of children waiting for Santa to arrive is contagious.

Thank you to the selfless, for they make us better

It’s the most wonderful time of year!

That’s been evident to our staff as we’ve covered numerous Christmas events around the county the past two weekends. Children’s eyes have lit up with excitement as “snow” fell from machines to create an atmosphere Barnwell Countians don’t see very often. The Christmas carols, tree lightings, festive floats in parades and other activities have brought so much joy.

Many people look forward to receiving gifts, but Christmas is truly about giving. As the old saying goes: “It’s better to give than to receive.”

Progress is slow but welcomed

Now that we’ve counted our blessings and stuffed ourselves with turkey and all the fixings, we can officially say “Merry Christmas!”

With cooler temperatures in the air and decorations going up, it’s really beginning to feel like Christmas around Barnwell County. The tree lighting service in Snelling this past Sunday night also ushered in the season with Christmas carols, lights and snow - all of which brought smiles to children and adults alike.

We are blessed

In just a couple days we will be filling our bellies with turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and all the calorie-filled sides.

While there is nothing wrong with indulging in a delicious meal, it’s also important to make sure our hearts are filled with thankfulness and gratitude for what we have.

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our Thanksgiving,” said W.T. Purkiser, a preacher, scholar and author from the Church of the Nazarene.

We can each make a difference in just one life

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan said these words many years ago, but they still serve as a good reminder of how we should live our lives.

This subject also brings to mind the classic “Star Thrower” story written by Loren Eiseley in 1969. It tells of a man who is walking along a beach. He encounters a young boy who is digging stranded starfish out of the sand and throwing them back into the ocean.

Shop LOCAL and support our businesses

Small businesses are an integral part of our local economy and community as a whole.

While these businesses don’t employ hundreds or thousands as large industries, they are the income and livelihoods for many families. They also provide important goods and services, typically with a type of customer service you won’t find at a big box store.

What is scarier than Halloween? Opioid deaths

October is a time for spooky movies, Halloween costumers and treats for children.

It is also a time when a lot of people get scared watching horror movies and visiting “haunted” houses.

What is a lot scarier and is not limited to Halloween is the drug epidemic which is sweeping our nation.

Barnwell County is certainly not immune. In recent years we have seen our share of overdoses, some resulting in death.

For many of us, the drug problem is a shadow world that we know is there but it is not “in our faces”.

Free speech is a little complicated in America

Everyone has an opinion these days.

That is especially apparent on Facebook and other social media sites where people can easily post their thoughts on anything and everything. However, do you really think before you post? Just because you can post, say or write something doesn’t mean you should.

Some people cite their First Amendment right of free speech as a reason for saying whatever they want, regardless of any implications those words could have.

After all, free speech means we can say or post whatever we want to, even if it’s untrue or harmful, right?

Hurricane Hermine prompts local school, government closings

Below is the list of closings for Friday, September 2 as we have been notified due to Hurricane Hermine.

All Barnwell County public schools

Jefferson Davis Academy

All Allendale County Schools

Denmark Technical College - All classes are cancelled including adjuncts at off campus sites. The campus will reopen Tuesday following the holiday weekend

New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church Child Development

The Creation Station in Barnwell 

Barnwell County government offices

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