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Are you throwing away valuable trash?

Students and teachers collect "Valuable Trash" all year for Barnwell Primary School as a fundraising project for our school.  Contests are held each month and we collect thousands of dollars of "Valuable Trash" that is normally thrown away.
Top collectors for this past school year are:
Kindergarten - Kaleb Wilson collected 1590 items
Grade 1 - Wyatt Twitty collected 634 items
Grade 2 - Madison Ray collected 771 items
Top Teacher - Brannon Collins collected 3216 items
Grade 3 - Jada Owens collected 725 items

Trash pays off for kindergartner

Keaton Crouch, a kindergarten student in Mrs. Angie Dowdy's class, won an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 16 GB Electronic Reader in Barnwell Primary School's most recent "Valuable Trash" contest drawing March 28. 
Keaton has turned in a total of 446 "Valuable Trash" items this school year to help his teacher win prizes too. Keaton is the son of John and Kristie Crouch of Barnwell.  

‘Valuable trash’ equals cash

Barnwell Primary celebrated 100 days of school Jan. 30.
A "Valuable Trash" contest was held to encourage students, faculty and staff to save for education by turning in 25 "Valuable Trash" items to enter the 100th Day of School Drawing.
Five students were winners of a $20 check, equaling total prize of $100.
The five winners are: Lamar Buxton (5K), Keaton Crouch (5K), Garyn Still (1st grade), Trey Boleman (5K) and Jasmine D'Alberti (5K).
"Valuable Trash" consists of many items you may be throwing away at home or work.

‘Trash’ earns Blume $50

Ella Blume, daughter of Chris and Tonya Blume, is a recent "Valuable Trash" contest winner at Barnwell Primary School. Ella won a $50 check for recycling cell phones at school. Ella and her parents are GREAT SUPPORTERS in the school "Valuable Trash" contests that are held each month. 

‘Trash’ can be valuable

Lane Evans, a 5K student in Lisa Zissette's class at Barnwell Primary School, was the first "Valuable Trash" contest winner on Sept. 4 for this school year. 
Lane won a $25 prize drawing for being such a "Great Valuable Trash" collector.
Students and teachers collect "Valuable Trash" all year and use the funds to buy new things for the classrooms such as new desks, chairs, tables, bookcases and other classroom supplies.  
We are also seeking community support in our "Valuable Trash" school contest. 
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