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Williston police chief not seriously injured after hit-and-run

A Barnwell County law officer was injured in the line of duty while giving mutual assistance to a neighboring police department.

Williston Police Chief Roger Kaney was transported to Aiken Regional Hospital after being hit by a sport utility vehicle June 27.

The incident occurred in North Augusta where multiple departments joined forces to hold a traffic safety checkpoint.

The Williston Police department recently joined forces with Aiken County to provide those departments with support.

Finding shelter from heat's swelter

Hot enough for you? - It's been a common enough question to ask in the past few days around the county.

While there has not been extreme heat, the heat index has hovered near the century mark over the past few days.

The forecast for the next week calls for high temperatures to hover between 93 and 98 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

But these temperatures are not extreme.

The average June temperature is around 88 degrees and July's average is around 91 degrees.

Blackville budget doesn't show item for previously discussed town administrator

Blackville Town Council voted June 15 at the regular town council meeting to approve a budget for the upcoming year without a line item for a new town administrator.

Councilman Rubert Reed asked Mayor Jackie Holman about the omission.

Former councilman Dan Ligon and current councilmen Reed and Harry Felder agreed during the May 18 regular council meeting that hiring a town administrator would be beneficial for the town.

Felder said it would be "the best money ever spent."

Car dealership rolls past 20-year mile marker

A local businessman was recently surprised by an anniversary celebration - but he only wanted to share the spotlight with his employees.

Howard Bush, owner of B&B Ford in Barnwell, celebrated 20 years of being in business June 15 with his family and employees. Those employees are what Bush says makes his business successful.

"Every person is important and it is a team effort," he said.

Bush said he has a great group of people working for him. They are certified and work to maintain those certifications, he said.

"That is the strength of the business," he said.

Police complaint comes before Williston town council

Filings - one of complaints and another of candidates - were part of the June 8 regular Williston Town Council meeting.

During the meeting, the council and Mayor Tommy Rivers heard complaints from resident Lonnie Atkins concerning the Williston Police Department.

Atkins said his complaints stem fom several instances some of which occurred between two and three months ago.

In one instance Atkins said officers illegally searched his truck.

On May 30, Atkins said an officer turned in front of him while he was riding his motorcycle, almost causing Atkins to wreck.

Barnwell police to handicap violators of handicapped parking with tickets

The Barnwell Police Department has launched its enforcement campaign of handicap parking violators.

There are numerous handicap parking zones throughout the city. These parking zones are there to make life easier for those who are handicapped, said Barnwell Police Chief Todd Gantt.

Some of these designated zones are located on public streets and some on private parking lots, he said.

Many of these handicap parking zones are being illegally used by non-handicapped people with an indifference to the plight of the handicapped, Gantt said.

Barnwell City Council looking for more space for parking at Lemon Park complex

One of the main topics of discussion at the June 1 regular council meeting for the city of Barnwell was somewhat of a welcomed problem.
Parking continues to be an issue at the new Lemon Park sports complex.

City Administrator John Zawacki was asked last month to survey the parking needs at the park and Zawacki presented his findings June 1.

Excluding tournaments, weekday games of Barnwell teams brings between 325 to 430 cars to the complex, Zawacki said.

Currently the complex has one completed parking lot which contains 109 spaces.

Summer means snakes will be active

With people outside in the warm weather, they are bound to eventually run into some of Mother Nature's creatures. Usually more than just mosquitoes.

While cleaning up outside at the Allied Air plant in Blavkille James New encountered a rattlesnake more than five feet long, which he killed.

The snake had 13 rattles and it also had several pouches along its side. The pouches contained unborn young.

New is a maintenance mechanical electrician at Allied Air.

Blackville councilman resigns

Blackville needs one town official now but also wants another in the future.

During the regular monthly meeting May 18, council member Dan Ligon, resigned his position from the council, "effective today," Ligon said.

Ligon cited his business as the reason for his resignation.
Ligon owns a construction company that has been pursuing jobs in Texas.

Ligon said he thought the job would be temporary, but it has turned into longer term jobs and he didn't think he could effectively serve the town.

Event opens door to outdoors for handicapped

Family Fest 2009 - the second annual outdoor event for the disabled and their families was a little soggy at times but the rain didn't dampen the determination of those trying to pull the ‘big one' from the pond.

As the rain fell during the morning, wheelchairs still sat on the banks, poles still in the water, waiting for the next bite.

For some, the disabilities were apparent with wheelchairs, walkers and canes visible. For others the disabilities were not so apparent.

Some sat quietly and fished while some walked or were driven around to the various exhibits in golf carts.

Local car deal leads to Honduras

A local auto dealer's good deed toward two people will in turn be multiplied to eventually help hundreds of people.

Michael Nix of Whittle Motor Company in Williston got a call from Sam Turnipseed asking about available vehicles for a foundation in which Turnipseed and his wife, Roxanne volunteer.

The foundation, Honduras Agape Foundation, was in need of a vehicle for their mission work in Honduras, Turnipseed said.

Turnipseed said after talking with Nix, he offered to sell the vehicle, a seven-passenger Ford Expedition, to the Turnipseeds at a price, "well below his cost."

Fallen, but not forgotten, heroes: Blackville

A field of white crosses adorned with American flags stand in line marking those lost in war.

Each year, communities across the nation come together to remember and honor those who have fought for freedom and in doing so paid the ultimate price.

This year was no different.

Residents from the young to those who have celebrated many Memorial Days came together at their own Flanders Field in Blackville May 25 to honor those lost.

State and local elected officials were on hand to honor those soldiers.

S.C. Rep. Lonnie Hosey was the speaker for the service.

New city hall hits roof with recycling

Barnwell's city hall will be complete in August and the building, which is over 100 years old, has been receiving a facelift. The building will be a little greener - but not in color.

Chris Pritchard said some of the improvements will make the building more energy efficient. Pritchard is with Query-Pritchard Construction of Barnwell, the contractor in charge of those renovations.

One improvement is the tiles, which line the roof instead of shingles.

The old tiles were made of clay and not very energy efficient.

Blackville fire chief resigns

The Blackville fire department is no longer under the supervision of its long-time fire chief.

During the regular meeting of the Blackville Town Council May 18, Mayor Jackie Holman told the town council that Fire Chief Charles Epps had resigned.

Before the announcement Holman said he wanted to "clarify a rumor."

Holman said there had been a rumor that Epps had been fired.

That rumor was false, Holman said.

The mayor said he had a meeting with the fire department last week over some "important issues."

Williston works on its abandoned properties; increases tap fees

The town of Williston is moving forward with cleaning up abandoned properties inside the town limits.

Currently the town of Williston has notified property owners for property located on Harper Street. The propery is owned by the Lion family.

Town administrator, Scott Neely said the current owners have contacted the town to say they are in the process of selling the property.

Neely said the town would wait a couple of weeks to see if the sale goes through before proceeding with the actions to have the property cleaned up.

Boys lend sympathetic hands to furry paws

The love keeps them coming back - puppy love that is.

For the Sanders boys, Jacob and Joseph, sharing a little of their love is as easy as sharing a few steps.
Jacob and Joseph started coming to the Barnwell County animal shelter several months ago to help walk the dogs.

Jacob, 13, said he liked, "seeing the cute dogs."

Joseph, 11, said he liked, "playing with them."

The Sanders adopted a dog, "Lucky" from the shelter and now they come back each week to spend some quality time with the pets which have yet to find a home.

On the ball: Updated Lemon Park opens

For Ed Corley, the night could have been described easily by New York Yankees baseball legend Yogi Berra: "It's like deja vu all over again."

For Corley, it was deja vu in a sense as he participated in the grand opening for the new Lemon Park sports complex April 17.

The Rev. Kenneth Catoe opened the ceremony with a prayer and the city of Barnwell Tourism and Community Development Director Lynn Cox read letters from S.C. Sen. Brad Hutto and the Baseball Tomorrow Fund, each congratulating the city on completing this portion of the complex.

Barnwell County jobless numbers level off

Some numbers held steady - some numbers caught people's attention when it comes to unemployment figures.

Allendale still tops the state's unemployment list, but Bamberg had the highest jump in March.

Barnwell County's unemployment rates stayed steady between February and March, holding at 17.2 percent, ranking Barnwell County eighth in the state for March.

However, the labor force numbers from March 2009 compared to March 2008 rose by 370 people in Barnwell County.

Police still investigating Barnwell bank's second robbery

A Barnwell bank was again the scene of an armed robbery.

Regions Bank on Jackson Street was robbed around 2:35 p.m., April 8 by a man armed with a single-barrel shotgun.

The weapon was either dropped or discarded by the suspect upon exiting the bank. Officers discovered a shotgun on the sidewalk in front of the bank.

No one was injured in the robbery - the second this branch has had in five months. The previous robbery occured Nov. 25 of last year.


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