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Job fairs show potential employers in area

Barnwell County residents who have been laid off or may be facing that possibility in the near future will get a chance to show their resumés to prospective employers over the next few weeks at two separate job fairs.

The first fair will be at the Barnwell Elementary School on April 4 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The Ourglass Plan member churches, employers and other contributors are sponsoring the job fair, said Diane Bell, an administrative assistant with the Ourglass Plan.

Williston set to clean up dilapidated buildings in town

Williston Mayor Tommy Rivers and council moved forward with plans to clean up the town during a public hearing held prior to the regular monthly council meeting.

Those plans include giving the owners of one property 20 days to start clean up and demolition of an abandoned home on Harper Street. The owners, as listed on a letter of complaint and notice of public hearing are Gary R. Lyon, Sr. and Edna A Lyon. The Lyons now live in Windsor.

New law may prohibit resale of used children's thrift good items

With the economic downturn that most have seen over the past few months, news of a new law regulating what children's items can be re-sold is not helping local parents' wallets.

The goal of the new law is to protect children, but what it has done locally is keep parents from being able to get affordable used items at some locations.

The Pick of the Litter, a thrift shop located in Barnwell, has stopped selling children's items until the particulars of what can and cannot be resold are better understood, said Vicky Scott.

Former Barnwell musician keeps on tubin' with PBS special

From Bourbon Street to Carnegie Hall - from the Kennedy Center to the Circle in Barnwell, this band has played in many spots on the globe.

And the band is under the direction of a local.

R. Winston Morris, orignally from Barnwell, founded the Tennessee Technological University Tuba Ensemble and has directed the "Tubas of Mass Destruction" for 42 years.

He has also written several books on tubas. The tuba ensemble in 2006 released its 20th compact disc recording.

Now Morris can add starring in a documentary to his list of accolades.

Blackville town council votes to close establishment

Blackville Town Council and Mayor Jackie Holman made a motion to temporarily close an establishment, Washington's Party Shop, at the end of the month, until the town gets some clarification from the state as to what type of establishment can be at that location.

These are two separate establishments in the same building, said Police Chief John Holston.

Barnwell starts refunds to city residents

Residents in Barnwell should be seeing refunds in the mail - not from the federal government, but the city.

The refunds, some smaller than one dollar, were created because the city erroneously charged the wrong millage for the 2007 tax year, City Adminstrator John Zawacki said.

Property was reassessed and the millage was supposed to be rolled back, he said.

The roll back did not occur, Zawacki said.

The error was discovered when the city prepared its annual budget. Plans were made to correct the error, he said.

Family's quilt becomes its own flag of honor

Usually memories are held together by tiny snapshots in one's mind. This time the memories are threaded together by tiny stitches - as in a quilt.

Years ago, women family members got together to piece together remnants of dresses and shirts to put together beautiful, but practical quilts.

One family still carries on the tradition of quilting.

Jeanette Still and some family members got together recently for a day filled with plenty of stitches and lots of good food.

Orangeburg wreck claims two Barnwell County lives

A Feb 17 fatal crash claimed the lives of two Barnwell County residents - a mother and daughter - on S.C. 70 in Orangeburg County.

Diane Bosier, 48, of Blackville, a passenger and Sherell Donaldson, 27, also of Blackville, the driver, were both airlifted to Palmetto Richland Hospital in Columbia.

Bosier died Feb. 17 of blunt force trauma, Orangeburg County Deputy Coroner Sean Fogle said.

Donaldson died on Feb. 22 from injuries received in the crash.

IGA grocery to open in Barnwell

Residents on the east side of town will now have a grocery store of their own.

Dale Fennell, the owner, will open his new IGA store on March 2 at 7 a.m.

The building formerly housed the Piggly Wiggly grocery store but has sat empty for nearly two and one-half years, Fennell said.

The building has been remodeled including a fresh coat of paint, new ceiling and light fixtures and even some wall changes.

The IGA will be a full service store, Fennell said.

Barnwell farmer provides field for gleaning to hungry

Barnwell County was "gleaned" over the weekend and many local people received the benefit of the bounty.

Debbie Riley coordinated the gleaning for the Gleaning Network, and organization that connects with local farmers to "glean" or harvest their produce fields after regular hargest to get the food for distribution to the hungry.

Riley jumped into action and called local Lions Club members to volunteer for the gleaning of Emmett Black's field on S.C. 70, just outside of Barnwell.

Black donated a field full of collard greens.

A bird in the hand...

The morning of Feb. 7 held a light breeze and the brush crackled as the soldiers moved through it in a tactical formation with guns ready.

The smell of gun smoke already wafted through the air. However, these soldiers were not in a war zone but out hunting a different kind of target.

On this day, a trip to Grahams Turnout, just over the Bamberg County line, gave a group of wounded warriors a chance to hunt quail and pheasants and fish in the lake for a varied assortment of fish.

Kline gets land for recreational usage

Recreation programs in area towns seem to be getting a boost even as the economy continues to slide.

With the construction continuing on the City of Barnwell's Lemon Park Sports Complex, the city has taken steps to ensure area youth have plent of places to play.

Even though the town of Kline has a much smaller population, they are moving forward with their own recreation plans.

For many years, softball has been a favorite pastime in Kline and with two new donations the town hopes to expand the recreation activities available.

Won't be 'around this year: Barnwell's Festival on Round victim of economic factors

The Festival on the Round won't be circling around as the spring downtown festival this year, city officials have decided.

During the regular monthly council meeting Feb. 2, Lynn Cox, the Toursim and Community Development Services director, informed the full council of the decision to not hold the annual festival this year.

Cox said in an earlier meeting with Mayor Ed Lemon, Mayor Pro-temp Pickens Williams Sr. and City Administrator John Zawacki, the decision was made to cancel this year's event based on several factors.

Public defender's office revamps in county and state

Overhauls are repairs to engines to make them run better.

If the state public defender's system was an engine, it now runs more effectively and efficiently, which is the miles per gallon measure for state agencies.

In June 2007, the General Assembly passed legislation to create a unified, statewide public defendants system.

All 46 counties in the state were part of the overhaul. The new system creates a public defender's office in each judicial circuit.

Filing tips for benefits as unemployment rates rise

Unemployment rates are up in Barnwell County, more than doubling the national rate of unemployment for November.

Barnwell County's unemployment rates were at 14.4 percent for November 2008. The national unemployment rate was 6.7 percent.

Guy Ferguson, the assistant director of the local Employment Security Commission  Workforce Center said for those faced with unemployment there are some steps which should be taken right away.

Budget cuts hit local special needs group

For one children's center in Allendale, Christmas break is still going on - and will continue through the new year.

The children's center was run by the Allendale and Barnwell Counties Disabilites and Special Needs Board. However, because of state budget cuts, the center will not re-open after the holidays.

Before the economy took a downturn, news of state budget cutbacks loomed. Since the fall of the economy, those cutbacks have worked down to the local levels.

Barnwell police make arrests in robbery and shooting incident

Barnwell Police Department has made three arrests in the armed robbery and shooting incident which occurred Dec.15.

Johnny D. Hardy, 19, of 1313 Hunter Dr., Barnwell was arrested on Dec. 16. He is charged with armed robbery and assault and battery with intent to kill, according to police reports.

Antwan Jones, 19, of 57 Hiott St., Barnwell was arrested Dec. 17. He is charged with armed robbery and assault and battery with intent to kill.

Marcus Kodell Jacobs, 19, of 80 Brown St., Barnwell was also arrested Dec. 17.


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