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Flags reminded beach-goers of the real meaning of holidays

It has been fifteen months since our place was sold on Edisto Island.

I really do miss dear friends there. Hopefully, some miss me, too. However, I have been told time and again just how very much residents and visitors miss seeing our various flags flying atop the 44-foot tower attached to the house.

After Bob Fickling and I wed in 1993, a large spotlight became a welcomed addition to the tower. Our well-lighted American flag would fly appropriately after sunset. This was indeed a thing of beauty, a proud reminder of our love for our country and sacrifices made.

A look back at birthdays in Barnwell

Naturally, most of us enjoy celebrating our birthdays, regardless of our ages.

Phone calls, e-mails, messages on Facebook, land line calls, texting on cell phones, birthday cards via mail are various means of conveying that all-important long standing message:”Happy birthday to you!”

Today, the majority of us just go out to indulge in off-the-diet foods with family and friends. What joy!

Long years ago someone was heard exclaiming, ”Why in this world do children celebrate their birthdays? They had absolutely nothing to do with it!”

Remembering Barnwell’s Lamplighter, ‘Miss Martha’

The year was 1999 when I received a phone call from Reverend Posey Belcher; he asked a favor of me. It seems as if Posey was spearheading the celebration of Barnwell’s bicentennial in 2000, and he needed someone to furnish this newspaper with one article per month for that particular year.

Try as I may, I couldn’t help but accommodate my friend. You see, Posey was a Baptist minister, and he had buried most of the members of our Holland family; we were all Methodist. So, Posey had made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Seeing double at Barnwell High School

The year was 1960 when an article appeared in this same newspaper. Seeing is believing, and the above picture was published for one and all to witness.

In the photo are freshmen Judy and Brenda Still, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Still; sophomores, Jeanette and Annette Ridgeway, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Ridgeway; juniors Melvena and Martina Williams, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Williams; and seniors Jay and Kay Harrelson, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Harrelson.

Fifty-seven years ago, having a set of twins in each high school class was certainly a rarity.

A joy ride: Alice Jo Mole remembered by friend

So, now the circle has become smaller.

On Tuesday, May 2, 2017, my beloved Alice Jo Mole made her exit from this place as quietly as she had lived in Barnwell during the past three quarters of a century.

Folks from all walks of life are feeling this newly-created void in their hearts. If you never met Alice Jo, “Mole”,”Allie”, ”Jojo” or more recently,”AJ”, allow me to make the introduction. Please pull up a chair. You see, she was my very first friend.

Barnwell High 1960’s Reunion: #12 was somehow sweeter

The El BAB Shrine Cub was the location for the gathering of classmates spanning a 10-year stint at Barnwell High School.

There was an eagerness to revisit ole friends especially on Friday evening, August 14. Perhaps the present day newspapers, television, cell phones, and e-mails held us captive far too long. We needed a break, and this is exactly what the 60’s reunion offered: a safe, friendly diversion if only for one weekend per year. You did receive your invitation, didn’t you?

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