Local nursery offers plenty

A local grower is encouraging people to plant blackberries in their yard.
F.C. Noles, owner of Noles Nursery near Hilda, planted a row of blackberries in December 2011 and said they are great and easy to grow. He started picking them about a month ago and the berries are pretty big.
Noles said the plants grow easily in the sandy "Hilda dirt." He said anyone can grow them in their backyard, but not many people in the area do.
He said you use a little fertilizer when you plant them and then you don't have to do anything until the berries are ready to be picked.
Noles sells the bushes, which don't have thorns, in one-gallon buckets for $15.
Noles started the nursery in 1986. He is semi-retired from the Piggly Wiggly in Denmark and said he spends pretty much all his free time outside working.
He said the nursery is a great place to come and enjoy the outdoors, even if they don't plan on buying anything. He's always glad to show people around and talk about the current project he's working on.
Noles has "anything you'd want to put in your yard." He said if he doesn't have what you're looking for he'll do this best to get it.
Some of the plants and crops he has include flowers, shrubs, fig trees, pomegranate, grapevines and blueberries. He also grows sugarcane and has a grinder and furnace room to make syrup out of it.
He's built a custom outhouse for the nursery and is currently working on a gazebo. Old pickup trucks dot the property, which is located at the corner of Fox and Double Pond roads just outside of Hilda.
The nursery is open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.