Lenten service begins in Barnwell

How do you comprehend the magnitude of sin, and also forgiveness of it?
That was the message during the first service of the Barnwell County Ministerial Association's Lenten Worship Series March 5 at Barnwell Presbyterian Church.
Rev. Keith Richardson, of Barnwell First Baptist Church, delivered a sermon about how it's difficult to understand the wrath, violence and gore of the Old Testament and then the kind, compassionate love of God in the New Testament.
Richardson was referring to the common theme of animal sacrifice in the Old Testament as humans sought forgiveness from God.
But, Richardson said, we must remember that man, not God, brought sin into the world.
"Sin brought something into this cosmos that God did not put here, sin brought death into His creation and the price that has to paid for sin is all that blood and gore and violence," he said.
The only one who could take sin away was Jesus, Richardson said, and the Old Testament foreshadows what will happen to Jesus when he sacrifices himself to seek forgiveness for all of mankind.
"He is the lamb of God who was slain to take away the sin of the world," He said.
That is why we must understand the magnitude of sin and the glory of forgiveness, Richardson said.