Pastor's Column - August 27, 2014

Is God Dead?
Yes, there are those who proclaim atheists and their message to the world is that God is dead. Even more than that, some would say that God is not real.
Sad to say, that even here in the once proclaimed Bible Belt there are people who do not believe in God and many others know nothing about the love of God, His grace, His mercy and His forgiveness.
I am thankful that I grew up in a home where God was present, had Godly parents who taught me God's word and sought to live it out. I can remember Sundays when my dad would go to the alter and bow before the throne of God seeking forgiveness because he had not lived up to God's standard that week.
Today, I am a child of God, not just because I had Godly parents, but because God used them to share His love with me. He used them to help me see that I had a life that was flawed, blemished and filled with sin. They helped me to understand that God loved me so much that He gave His son, Jesus, to die upon a cross to pay the price for those sins. I can remember them telling me that one day God's Spirit would move in my heart for me to give my life to God, and He did, and I did.
I have been forgiven and I wish I could say I was free of sin, but I am not, only forgiven by a God who loves me.
So, the question is, is God dead?
For me and those who have committed their lives to Him believing that He has forgiven them of their sins and continues to forgive them of their sin, He is very much alive.
For those who call themselves an atheist, I wish I could say that God is dead, so that one day you would not have to stand before Him and answer for not believing.
God is alive and His Spirit is still moving upon the hearts of those who will believe by faith. May the love of God move upon you.
Rev. Mark Watford is the pastor of Seven Pines Baptist Church in Snelling. The church is located at 14957 Dunbarton Boulevard and can be reached at (803) 259-5552.