Doreatha Gillis Bishop celebrates 102nd birthday

Doreatha Gillis Bishop celebrated her 102nd birthday on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016 at Mr. B’s restaurant in Barnwell with family members from Georgia, South Carolina, and Jersey City, New Jersey.

Bishop was born on Dec. 20, 1914 to the proud parents of Lucy Ellen Davis Gillis and Daniel Alexander Gillis in Old Ellenton (Aiken County). She was so small at birth her father nicknamed her “Doll Baby”. Her siblings called her “Kisser”.

She was the eighth born of ten children. She is the only sibling living.

As a child she picked peas, cotton and cut asparagus. She also watered the cows and hogs, and fed the chickens and turkeys. She would bring in firewood and water for her mother to cook. They did not have running water, an indoor bathroom or electric lights.

She attended Butler School. The principal of Butler was Mr. Butler. She walked eight miles in the cold and rain to go to school. Her parents wanted their children to get a good education. She still reads The People-Sentinel every week.

Doreatha enjoys cooking, gardening, entertaining her family, making lye soap, quilting and canning vegetables. She loves her church, cats and flowers. Her favorite color is blue. She loves mankind and believes in sharing.

She is the oldest member of Pride of Barnwell Order of Eastern Star Chapter #77, St. John Society, Craig Pond Society, Morris Chapel Baptist Church Missionary. She is the oldest member of her church, Great Cypress Baptist Church. She is the mother of the church.

Her motto: “Have faith in God. It is better to give than to receive.“

She believes in the finish work that Jesus Christ did at the cross for all mankind.