Bethlehem Baptist Church welcomes new pastor

This is a long-awaited time in the life of our church, one that will always be remembered in the history of this Bethlehem, as we welcome our new pastor along with his wife and family into the fellowship of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Barnwell.

Rev. Anthony and Racquel Carter are proud parents of two beautiful children, Chaunasei AuBretta and Aaron Scott Carter.

Pastor Carter began his spiritual walk at Sweet Rest Baptist Church in Olar where he was ordained as Deacon. Later, he relocated to Honey Ford Baptist Church.

In 2008 he preached his trial sermon under Reverend Anthony Mansfield, the was licensed to preach and proclaim the word of the Lord.

Furthering his spiritual Education, Anthony attended the Unified Holy Church of America Bible College and is credentialed in Evangelistic Ministry Laboring under the present pastor of Honey Ford. Anthony often assisted with Fifth Sunday worship service, Wednesday night Bible study and Vacation Bible School.

We are blessed to have his lovely wife as a minister as well. She began shouldering the duties of a minister’s wife. While attending Claflin University, she took a class, Bible literature, that sparked her interest to better know and understand the complexities of the Bible. After she finally submitted to the Holy Spirit, she preached her initial trial sermon on January 16, 2016.

Anthony and Racquel labor in the ministry together as Spiritual Conducts of the power of the Holy Spirit accepting the responsibility of seizing every opportunity to deposit the Gospel of Jesus Christ unto the lives of God’s people.

We are happy today that this family came to Bethlehem and into our hearts and homes. We are truly blessed that God sent us a Pastor and leader, and the Shepherd of our flock.