Lions Club wrapping up calendar sales August 1

The Barnwell Lions Club members are winding up their sale of the 2018 Lions Club Birthday Calendars.

If you are not a regular subscriber and desire to get your and your families birthdates on the 2018 calendar, it is still not too late. The Birthday Calendars are $5 each and the listing is $0.50 each. Listings include birthdates (month and date), anniversary, and club/church/town/county meeting dates.

There are coupons from local businesses on the back of the calendar which can save you up to $30 per month on local purchases. The order for the calendars will be placed about August 1, and will be delivered in November.

In addition to individual listings, we have some ad spaces that are available. Call Lion Billy Parsons at (803)300-2590 to buy an ad. The cost of the ads is dependent upon the ad size.

The Lions Club brooms are available for sale year round. The existing inventory includes house brooms ($7), patio brooms ($11), cotton mops ($6) and children’s brooms ($4).

All of our proceeds go to assist those who are visual/hearing handicapped or to local activities.

The Barnwell Lions Club meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 6:00 pm at the Common Grounds Coffee House on Jackson Street. We welcome new members who desire to assist in local public service work. Please contact one of the Barnwell Lions Club Members for a dinner invitation, brooms or a birthday calendar.

Barnwell Lions Club members: John McHenry, John Young, Tom Byrne, Cheryl Long, Dan Packer, Billy Parsons, David Lewis, Guy Suter, D.J. Washington, Tommy Sanders (803)259-3469.