Barnwell High 60s reunion: Perhaps the sweetest one yet

  • Barnwell High School Class of 60s Reunion (from left): (First row) Jeanelle Hair, Bobbie Langley, Kay Harrelson, Jimmy Baxley, Don Creech; (Second row) Louise Holland, Phyllis Baxley, Wayne Jordan, Jimmy Wilder; (Third row) J C Helton, David Creech, Ted Mayo, Harold Rogdon; (Fourth row) Larry McCall, Robert Still, Jimmy Barnett, Tommy Burton.

For those of you who did not attend our most recent reunion, that’s okay. Yes, the crowd was somewhat smaller, but my, it was thought to be the sweetest.

Friday evening found us gathering at EL Bab Shrine Club. Following a prayer, Coach Gwynne Hupfer and wife Jeannie were introduced. This loyal couple travels all the way from Alabama every other year just to stay in touch with these Barnwell folks.

Milton and Mary Butler were recognized reminding us that, as director of the Barnwell Scarlet Knights Band, Butler’s Drill Team was number one in the nation in 1963.

There was time aplenty for visiting and dancing to music by Steen Pender and Ed Corley.

Saturday evening our classmates assembled at the Sweetwater Country Club. Gary Brantley furnished the music. Per usual, a warm welcome was extended, followed with a prayer.

Barnwell High grads of the Class of 1967 were introduced. These folks journeyed from far and wide to celebrate their 50th anniversary since leaving high school.

All were asked to stand facing our American flag proudly displayed before us.

Mike Anderson, Class of 1961, gave us the pitch as we sang our alma mater, followed by pledging allegiance to the flag. We closed praying the Lord’s Prayer as reverently as ever recalled. Eyes glistened. Goosebumps prevailed.

In the space of a few minutes, everyone realized just how precious our yearly coming together really is. One and all were thankful to be present. We were home again.

Yes, there were those who struggled to stand, but the effort was made. Out of respect for our alma mater, for our American flag, and for our Lord, we strived to stand a little taller, if only briefly.

Those sweet spiritual moments of togetherness reminded us why we are Barnwell-bound each August for our 60s reunion.

To be certain, there were a few more slow dances than last year. Perhaps that is another reason our 14th consecutive annual gathering was perhaps the sweetest of them all.

So long. See y’all next August if Turkey Creek don’t rise.