G.A.T.E. students dance like Catawba

The first and second grade G.A.T.E (gifted and talented education) students at Jefferson Davis Academy are studying a unit on Native American Indians as one of their enrichment courses this year. To add dimension and plausibility to this study, these students visited the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project Center in Rock Hill, S.C.
During this educational day with the Catawbas, the students were given a tribal history and cultural lesson, Indian dance lessons and a lesson on the Catawba language by some of the tribal leaders. The G.A.T.E. pupils also made Indian children's bags and dream catchers.
One of the highlights of this learning experience was seeing and participating in some of the actual tribal dances (Fancy Dance, Grass Dance, Woman's Honor Dance and the Hunting Dance). They also were privileged to have the opportunity to meet the multi-talented Catawba dancer, Ronnie Beck. He performed several dances including his award winning Hoop Dance in his extraordinary Catawba tribal attire. This exhibition was truly fascinating and so educational for the children as well as their parents!
The G.A.T.E. students in attendance on this trip were: Ansley Grace Still, Macy Obermann, Hunter Mole, Jeb Fickling, Dakota Russell, Noland Boney, Hunter Burnett and Orry Burt.