Davis competes in S.C. Geography Bee

A Williston-Elko Middle School student represented his school for the second time at the S.C. Geography Bee in Columbia.
Eighth-grader Kelvin Davis Jr. competed against other students from across the state March 30 in the National Geographic Society sponsored event after winning at his school level.
Though he didn't win the competition at the S.C. State Museum-something he did two years ago-Kelvin Jr. finished eighth. He said he still had a good time. "It's something I enjoy," he said, "especially learning about the cultures."
Angela Williams, a teacher at WEMS who accompanied Kelvin Jr. to the competition, said she is proud of him for his hard work. He is "very passionate" about geography and can "spout" facts about geography quickly.
His parents-Kelvin Sr. and Portrounda Davis-are also very proud of their son for pursuing his interest which he has a "great love" for. "I hope he continues (his interest)," said Kelvin Sr., despite his son not being able to compete next year since he's going to the high school.
Kelvin Jr. is encouraging a friend to study geography and work towards competing in the competition.
Kelvin Jr. said he will always have a love for geography and will remember competing in the National Geography Bee two years ago because he met Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy and the event's moderator.
His parents said they appreciate the school being supportive of Kelvin Jr., including Principal Dr. Eavon Hickson and former superintendent Alexia Clamp.
Hickson and Clamp believed in Kelvin Jr. because they know how smart he is, said Kelvin Sr.