Grading Barnwell County

Here’s how Barnwell County’s three school districts performed under a new
federal report card:

Barnwell District 45 earned a 62.6 (D):

Williston District 29 earned a 94.5 (A):
KEES-93.5 (A)
WEMS-96.7 (A)
WEHS-88.5 (B)

Barnwell District 19 earned a 48.8 (F):

Note: To earn an A, a district or school must score between 90 and 100 points; B, 80 to 89.9; C, 70 to 79.9; D, 60 to 69.9; and F, less than 60.

Making the grade
Scores are based on student performance on the state’s standardized test and percent of students who took the test. For high schools, graduation rates, exit exam scores and end-of-course tests.
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