Work session prepares D-45 board for new year

In preparation for the coming school year, the Barnwell District 45 School Board held a special work session July 31.
Superintendent Roy Sapough called the session a "very informative" way to "keep the board up to date" on the direction District 45 is aiming for, including curriculum and instructional plans.
"The days of teaching from a textbook are behind us. You just can't do that anymore," said Sapough of textbooks. "We want to be teaching standards, not textbooks."
That's why Crystal Stephens, the district's director of curriculum, informed the board of "where we are and where we need to go" as far as the implementation of state standards are concerned, said Sapough. The state has gradually been rolling them out in different grades in recent years.
Besides curriculum and instruction, more than half of the six-hour session was spent going over financial matters.
Vic Halligan of the law firm Childs and Halligan, which represents District 45, informed the board of matters related to state funding, which District 45 Chief Financial Officer Shirley Kitchings then related to how the money is spent, said Sapough.
He said there are financial challenges for school districts, especially small, rural ones like theirs. Sapough cited how the state is looking into redoing how funding is divided. "Certainly it needs to be, I think, simplified," said Sapough of the process.
Sapough said he thanks the board for giving of their time, including several who took off time from work, to attend the session. "They are trying to be good stewards of the people of District 45," said Sapough.