Local public schools help state break record

Barnwell County seniors helped South Carolina's Class of 2012 earn a record-breaking $1 billion in college scholarships.
Last year's senior class from Barnwell County's three public high schools accounted for more than $4.5 million of the $1,063,112,048 worth of scholarships received by the Class of 2012 across the state, according to a S.C. Department of Education press release.
The numbers are the result of an annual survey and includes every public school district (except Hampton County School District 2 who did not participate), as well as district-sponsored public charter schools, the Governor's School for Science and Mathematics, the Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, and the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind, states the release.
The numbers represent two-year scholarship values for technical colleges and two-year schools, and four-year totals for four-year colleges and universities, according to the release.
The previous five years' scholarship totals were $684 million (2007), $767 million (2008), $869 million (2009), $917 million (2010) and $966 million (2011). Since 2007, South Carolina students have earned $5.226 billion in college scholarships, states the release.

Barnwell County
scholarships in 2012:
District 19- $1,002,235
District 29-$1,431,870
District 45-$2,082,474
Total - $4,516,579
NOTE: These figures are self-reported by school districts.