Re-DO Café open for learning at BHS

The Re-DO Café is looking to cook up a recipe for student success at Barnwell High School.
Principal Jon Burdge informed the Barnwell District 45 School Board about the new student resource during their Aug. 23 meeting. "We do not accept failure," said Burdge.
The Re-DO Café is a new opportunity for students to complete missing homework or class assignments - not tests and quizzes - in a supervised environment during lunch. "We want to decrease failure and provide further opportunity for students to master content," said Burdge.
The concept was not Burdge's idea, but that of four of his teachers. Billie Smith, Lisa Wyndham and Elizabeth Driver were inspired to start the program after attending education workshops. "We started putting together ideas" and recruited Brenda Scruggs before presenting the idea to Burdge, said Wyndham, the school's science coordinator.
Burdge said he was "excited" by the idea and the passion the four teachers displayed in wanting to begin the Re-DO Café. "This is a really, really good example of teachers taking initiative to reach out to students," said Burdge. "I'm always willing to discuss new ideas."
Wyndham believes this will be a "very positive" thing for students who miss assignments due to a lack of effort by giving them another chance to make up the work and making them believe they can do better. Those zeros add up and hurt the student academically because "they don't have the practice they need for tests," she said. "Effort goes a long way to making you successful."
"This will give kids an extra opportunity to complete work we know they can do," added Burdge. He said a variety of circumstances can lead students to miss assignments, including being sick or out of town.
Two of the four teachers will be available in a room set aside for the Re-DO Cafe every Tuesday and Thursday during both lunch periods to work with students who either request help or are referred by a teacher. Wyndham said they have already had a few students referred for help.
"There's a lot that can be accomplished" in the 40-minute lunch time, said Burdge.
"This is very exciting," said board member Valenda Black following Burdge's presentation.