New JDA teachers complete training

South Carolina Independent School Association Executive Director Larry Watt announced that members of the staff at an area school have completed the SCISA Teacher Institute.
Jefferson Davis Academy teachers Bernardo Belesquez, Marcus Antley and Noretta Jackson completed the two-day training program.
"The goal of the SCISA Teacher Institute is to give teachers who are new to SCISA schools a thorough orientation and to insure a working knowledge of the policies under which the teacher will be working," Watt said. "It is also a great refresher course for veteran teachers."
Topics such as classroom discipline, classroom procedures, school politics, co-curricular activities, testing and grading, and communication with parents were presented and discussed. Case studies using the participants' policy manuals and handbooks were studied, and all participants were videotaped teaching a typical lesson.
The South Carolina Independent School Association is a non-profit, voluntary association of over 105 independent schools serving more than 37,000 teachers and students.
Founded in 1965, the State of South Carolina incorporated SCISA as an exclusively educational organization with the responsibilities of establishing accreditation standards, coordinating academic and athletic competition and providing professional development for member organizations.