Clariant donates paper to schools

A donation of copy paper is welcome news to Barnwell District 45's four schools.
The Clariant Corporation in Martin (Allendale County) donated a pallet of 50 boxes of plain white copy paper to the schools Sept. 25 where a number of their employees and their families attended or currently attend. The Allendale County school district also received a pallet.
"One of Clariant's corporate values is to support communities where our employees live and work," said Michel Trawalter, the operations manager for the Martin plant. "Our donation helps ensure that students have the tools they need to not only learn but to succeed."
Local school officials said the donation is appreciated, especially during tight budget times.
"This will go a long way in helping us provide students with materials and resources to be successful," said Senaca Baines, the principal of Guinyard-Butler Middle School.
"Anytime you have a donation it saves us money," added Donna Selvey, the principal of Barnwell Primary.
"I know our teachers will appreciate it," said Barnwell High Principal Jon Burdge.
Superintendent Roy Sapough said this donation is just another great example of how the community supports the schools. "There has to be a partnership," he said.
"We can't do it by ourselves," added Barnwell Elementary Principal Jackie Sease.
Clariant produces chemicals used in manufacturing paper. "We make it brighter and whiter," said Trawalter.