‘Trash’ can be valuable

Lane Evans, a 5K student in Lisa Zissette's class at Barnwell Primary School, was the first "Valuable Trash" contest winner on Sept. 4 for this school year. 
Lane won a $25 prize drawing for being such a "Great Valuable Trash" collector.
Students and teachers collect "Valuable Trash" all year and use the funds to buy new things for the classrooms such as new desks, chairs, tables, bookcases and other classroom supplies.  
We are also seeking community support in our "Valuable Trash" school contest. 
Community collectors will be eligible to win a $50 prize in our "Outside Barnwell Primary Walls" contest.
Collect 50 items from the list and your name will be entered in the $50 prize drawing.Items can be dropped off at the school or mailed to BPS (734 Hagood Ave., Barnwell, S.C. 29812). Prizes of $50 are given away on June 1 and December 15 of every year.  
Thanks to all who support education in our school contests.
Call 541-1322 if you would like a contest form or need more contest information.

"Valuable Trash" collected by Barnwell Primary includes:  
1) Box tops for education
2) Domino's Pizza Proofs of purchase
3) Tyson A+ labels for education
4) Empty inkjet or laser printer cartridges to recycle
5) Cell phones to recycle (must be in working condition, do not lock the cell phone, phone must be less than five years old, do not leave a bill owed on the phone)