Proposals leave more questions for BCCC

More questions, and a decision, remain after the Barnwell County Career Center board heard a final proposal to replace their aging air-cooled chiller.
Total Comfort representatives Greg Stewart and Paul Springett spoke before the board Oct. 15 about the school's need for a new chiller. Representatives from Carrier and Augusta Chiller Service also made their proposals before the board in recent months.
Stewart said they inspected the chiller and believe there are more issues throughout the school than just the chiller. "There were a lot of issues that needed to be fixed," said Stewart. "It's not just a partial need."
To explore potential issues, they proposed the BCCC hire someone to conduct a study of the entire facility, which typically costs $5,000 to $10,000, said Springett. He said the school could apply for a low-interest loan through the state's energy commission to pay for the study.
"We wanted to try to look at the big picture," said Stewart. "We wanted to offer a solution."
While they didn't make a bid for replacing the chiller, the representatives explained how the school, using a "bundled energy solution," could "team up" with local school districts to get a better deal for upgrading their infrastructure, said Stewart.
"You can make it part of a bigger, wider approach," added Springett. "There would be guaranteed savings."
Board member Tommy Boyleston said that would be hard because there are three separate school districts in Barnwell County, though they might be able to go in with the county.
No action was taken at the meeting, though BCCC Director Sam McKay said he hopes they can have a plan about what they want to do by the end of the school year. "I'm sure we have a lot of needs, but we have to keep them realistic," said McKay.
Since Total Comfort didn't propose a bid for replacing the chiller, he said the board may want to go back and get a third company to make a proposal. "They really like to have three proposals," said McKay. "We'll have to discuss that."
In other news:
 The board unanimously approved the second and final reading of policy KF, increasing the cost to rent the auditorium from $75 to $100, rental of a classroom from $15 to $25 and the maintenance fee from $25 to $50. The increase better covers the cost the school incurs to pay a custodian overtime to clean up after an event.
McKay informed the board the MOX plant is donating wooden crates to the school's building construction students.
He said the donation is useful because it will allow the students to create various things for themselves, giving them hands-on learning. "It's hard for us to purchase enough wood for the students to use for projects," he said.
 Bryce Burton, a health occupations student from Williston-Elko High, informed the board of recent conferences he's attended related to his future career, including the state leadership conference in March, national conference in June and Washington Leadership Academy in September.
Burton said the BCCC's program "really helps a lot of students get a jumpstart" on their future career. Burton will graduate with college credit before attending college where he plans to pursue a career in nursing.
 The board unanimously approved a $100 per month supplement for the school's resource officer, effective in November.