‘Trash’ earns Blume $50

Ella Blume, daughter of Chris and Tonya Blume, is a recent "Valuable Trash" contest winner at Barnwell Primary School. Ella won a $50 check for recycling cell phones at school. Ella and her parents are GREAT SUPPORTERS in the school "Valuable Trash" contests that are held each month. 
If you are interested in helping Barnwell Primary School with recycling cell phones or ink cartridges or by collecting other "Valuable Trash," such as Box Tops for Education, Tyson A+ Labels for Education or Domino's pizza proofs of purchase, please contact the school for a contest form. We are seeking more community support in our school contests. $50 prizes are given away twice during the school year to two lucky winners in our "Outside of Barnwell Primary Walls" contest. 
Contact the school at 541-1322 for more "how to win" details.