China trip ‘forever changes’ educator

Bridget Elmore had the experience of a lifetime when she visited China to teach English.
Bridget and 44 other educators from Rock Hill School District #3 spent almost 30 days in Shiziazhuang, China, which is located in the Hebei province. These educators were responsible for teaching English to Chinese teachers and students. The Chinese teachers and students knew how to read and write English, but needed practice speaking the language.
Bridget's class consisted of 25 Chinese teachers who teach English at the elementary thru high school level. The American teachers were responsible for teaching conversational English as well as teach lessons about the American culture. They spent 18 days teaching and the other days were spent touring places like the Great Wall of China, the Buddhist Temple and the Forbidden Palace.
"I am forever changed after this experience. I am not a teacher and for those teachers to entrust me with doing something that they do on a daily basis was truly a blessing. They were so eager and grateful to learn. We learned from each other and I will never forget the life lessons I learned from the Chinese culture. I once wanted to become an English teacher and I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to do so in a foreign country. You never know the path God has ordered for your life and I am so happy that His path for me is far greater than what I could have imagined for myself. "
Bridget is a graduate of Blackville-Hilda High School and is currently a high school guidance counselor in Rock Hill. She is the daughter of Roosevelt and Bessie Elmore of Blackville.