‘Valuable trash’ equals cash

Barnwell Primary celebrated 100 days of school Jan. 30.
A "Valuable Trash" contest was held to encourage students, faculty and staff to save for education by turning in 25 "Valuable Trash" items to enter the 100th Day of School Drawing.
Five students were winners of a $20 check, equaling total prize of $100.
The five winners are: Lamar Buxton (5K), Keaton Crouch (5K), Garyn Still (1st grade), Trey Boleman (5K) and Jasmine D'Alberti (5K).
"Valuable Trash" consists of many items you may be throwing away at home or work.
Please help support education by collecting "Valuable Trash" for Barnwell Primary.
Please call BPS at 541-1322 if you would like to sponsor a class with your "Valuable Trash" from home or work. You would be eligible for a chance to win $50 in the Outside of Barnwell Primary Walls contest if you turn in at least 50 items from the list (at right). Drawings will be held June 1 and December 15 each year for the $50 prize.
We need more community support. It sure pays to be passionate about "Valuable Trash" at Barnwell Primary.
Many thanks to all who support education at BPS with your "Valuable Trash".
Call us at (803) 541-1321 to find out how you can help.


What is Valuable trash?
1- Box Tops for Education
2- Domino's Pizza Proofs of purchase
3- Tyson A+ Labels for Education
4- Inkjet or laser printer cartridges to recycle
5 - Cell phones to recycle - Cell phones must be less than five years old, must be in working condition, no bill left owed on the phone & please do not lock the phone for it to be recycled.