Frogs, floating, and friction

Science day offers hands-on learning opportunities

Science Day was held for fifth grade students at Barnwell Elementary Feb. 8. The day was part of Engineering Week which was recognized during the week of February 4-8.
Students participated in a variety of activities. Some students were able to learn how to make their own paper. Students were shown a variety of animals that are native to South Carolina: toads, frogs, snakes, a hawk, a coyote, and a snapping turtle to name a few. Some students participated with an experiment to show the different densities of four liquids. They were then given objects to see which would sink and which would float. Some students learned all about electricity. They learned about the many uses and how to be safe when using electricity. Another class participated in the study of friction using the bicycle. Several groups learned the importance of recycling.
"A great thank you goes to Ms. Sullivan for organizing the event," said school officials.