HOSA thanks hospital, center

On March 29, BCCC Health Occupations Students of America Chapter officers Bryce Burton and Lauren Hutto presented the 2012 Award of Merit to Barnwell County Hospital and Uni-Health Post Acute Care of Barnwell for their continued support of the Health Science program.
For the past 15 years, the hospital has allowed second year students to complete their clinical experiences at their facility. Students have been able to experience emergency medicine, including being active members of a code team in the emergency room. They had exposure to the pharmacy, radiology, medical laboratory, surgery, respiratory, and in general medical-surgical care. BCH has also been recognized for their advisory council support and donation of supplies to the Health Science lab and testing facility.
Uni-Health Post Acute Care has opened their doors to second year students to complete their clinical experience in long term care and gerontology at their facility for the past three years. Students have been able to experience care of the elderly from assisted living to complex skilled care. This facility has also exposed students to the rehabilitation process and short term care. Uni-Health staff assisted with the preparation for the Certified Nursing Assistant test and skills, and also the bi-annual Department of Health and Human Services inspections to certify the program.