Are you throwing away valuable trash?

Students and teachers collect "Valuable Trash" all year for Barnwell Primary School as a fundraising project for our school.  Contests are held each month and we collect thousands of dollars of "Valuable Trash" that is normally thrown away.
Top collectors for this past school year are:
Kindergarten - Kaleb Wilson collected 1590 items
Grade 1 - Wyatt Twitty collected 634 items
Grade 2 - Madison Ray collected 771 items
Top Teacher - Brannon Collins collected 3216 items
Grade 3 - Jada Owens collected 725 items
Each of these top collectors won a prize for collecting the most items this year.
BPS is currently searching for more community to support our school with your home or work place "Valuable Trash".  Please take a few minutes each day to round up your "Valuable Trash" for Barnwell Primary School.
We use the funds to purchase educational supplies and classroom furniture and other needs for our teachers, students and classrooms. If you donate 50 of the above listed "Valuable Trash" items as one entry, you will have the chance to enter our "Outside of Barnwell Primary Walls" contest drawing for a $50 prize. Prize drawings are held for community donations on June 1 and December 15 of each year. 
Call Phyllis Martin at 541-1322 for more contest details. 

"Valuable Trash" items collected are: 
Box Tops for Education = 10 cents each
Tyson A+ Labels for Education = 24 cents each
Domino's Pizza Proofs of Purchase = 10 cents each
Inkjet or Laser Printer Cartridges to recycle - prices vary
Cell Phones to recycle - prices vary