Back to School: Guinyard-Butler Middle School

The principal of Guinyard-Butler Middle School hopes to build off of the strides they made last year.

“Last year, we had a successful school year and we made tremendous strides academically, behaviorally and culturally,” said Principal Craig Hart.

Though children are ever-evolving, Hart said their goal of ensuring all students have a successful year has not.

“Part of our mission is to assist our students with becoming life-long learners and productive members of our society. We want to create a dynamic learning environment where our students can learn and grow,” said Principal Craig Hart.

To assist in this, the school has procedures in place to “maintain a safe, academically sound learning environment,” including a few updated ones.

The school streamlined their discipline policy to be consistent with the district’s code of conduct. They also updated their dress code to ensure clothing is not disruptive to the learning environment. Some changes include: no leggings or jeggings, no facial piercings, no torn jeans and no sagging pants. Hart encourages parents to take time to review the policy and school handbook.

Students should also be in class by 7:50 a.m. daily or they will be considered tardy. Students will not be allowed on the premises unattended before 7:15 a.m.

Parents and students can also do their part to help attain the school’s goal.

“Students will be encouraged to exhibit their Guinyard-Butler Middle School War Pony Pride by demonstrating an enthusiasm for learning and modeling positive behavior,” he said. “We expect them to respect one another.”

However, parents can also do their part by being “equal partners” in their children’s education. Hart encourages parents to keep up with their child’s grades and assignments through Parent Portal, which is accessible through the school’s website. Log-in information can be obtained via the office.

Parents and students are also encouraged to join the School Improvement Council and the Parent Teacher Student Organization. There is no cost to join the School Improvement Council; however, there is a $5 fee to join the PTSO.

“These respective entities will provide our parents and students an opportunity to have an influential voice as it relates to the education of our students,” said Hart, who hopes all students and parents join.

New members of the GBMS family include: Howell “Chris” Delk as 8th grade math teacher, Mary Fleetwood as visual arts teacher, Morris Herron as media specialist, Thomas Taylor as 8th grade social studies teacher, Henrietta Williams as 8th grade ELA teacher, and Eryn Outzs as a paraprofessional in the special services department.