Back to School: Jefferson Davis Academy’s enrollment grows

Jefferson Davis Academy is growing and added more than three new classes this year for the new and transfer students.

“We are looking forward to this new school year for many reasons. This is an exciting time for us and we grow in numbers each year,” according to a joint statement from heads of school Jane Hunter and Eve Hogarth.

The heads of school said their main goal remains the same from year to year. “This goal is to make sure all our students have a quality education. As an autonomous institution for teaching and learning, we frame our rules and syllabi. This allows us to make sure our students are challenged and taught on a level that makes them competitive on the national level, not just teaching toward state standards.”

Several new additions will help the school in that goal, including a sporting clays competition team, SCTSA archery competition team, a new additional AP Biology course, four college courses taught on campus at no cost to parents, and new security systems for buildings. New language arts teacher Brandy Sanderlin, who has a master’s degree in forensic science, will offer forensic science camp in the coming months.

Parents, students, staff and community members also help the school meet their goals by displaying positive attitudes about JDA and helping with needs and requests from teachers and staff. Stakeholders should encourage students to “achieve at their highest levels in academics, exhibit their character traits, and grow their Christian lives at school daily,” stated the heads of school.

There are no new rules this year, but Hunter and Hogarth said their existing rules are “rigorously enforced.” This helps with the safety of students, which is the school’s first priority, as well as developing students who are well-mannered. “As our students move from grade to grade, each student grows with civility. Luckily, as a private school, we do not accept anything less than courtesy and ethics from our student body,” the heads of school stated.

Several new staff members and teachers have been hired this year. Joining the lower school are: first grade teacher Sally Bowers, Jeffrey Crosby as a fourth through sixth grade math teacher, Brandy Sanderlin as a fourth through sixth grade language arts teacher, kindergarten aides Susan Hilton and Jasimine Hernandez, and Dianne Applegate as art teacher for the lower school. At the upper school, Alicia Strock, Kayla Platts and Joanne Walters are new teachers while Michael Tindall is the new athletic director and head football coach.