Night of Stars spotlights academic success at KEES

  • Students who scored exemplary waited on the red carpet for a limo ride.

The red carpet was rolled out as Kelly Edwards Elementary School recognized its star students.

The 2nd Annual Night with the Stars event was held April 7 at the district’s auditorium to recognize fourth and fifth graders who “demonstrated exceptional academic performances on the SC PASS and ACT Aspire assessments,” said Egeria Bostick, the school’s reading coach.

Dressed in their finest attire, students who passed any portion of the test were called to the stage to receive a star trophy.

“This is a night where you are a star,” said Principal Nakeisha Baxley. “You can achieve what you dream.”

“So many times we hear about the percentage of students not meeting the state mandated scores. We wanted to use this as an opportunity to put a spotlight on the students who are working hard and to celebrate their successful academics on state mandated tests,” said Bostick.

After the ceremony, students and two of their guest were invited to Williston First Baptist for a special dinner. Those who scored exemplary in at least one category rode to the church in one of several limousines waiting outside the auditorium by a red carpet.

“I hope other students will be inspired by their peers to work hard so they too can be recognized for academic excellence. We want the students to walk away with a sense of pride that says, ‘I can achieve all things,’” said Bostick.