New Williston salon offers one-on-one care

The letters stand about five inches high in gold on the workbench countertop.

"Dream" spells the letters.

That's what Krystal Garrick is doing - working a dream with her own hair salon, Krystal's Kreations.

Garrick just opened the salon Jan. 6 on Church Street in Williston.

Despite the doom and gloom of economic news lately, Garrick, 27, tries to remain unperturbed by it.

"You just have to have faith and believe in God. If I never took the chance, I would never know. You have to take the chance and it's a big chance when you have a family to support," she said.

There aren't as many hair salons in Williston as in Barnwell, so Garrick thought she would fill in some of the deficit, she said.

"I wanted to offer Williston something it doesn't have," she said. "I want to offer a friendly and positive attitude."

Garrick is a licensed cosmetologist, which allows her to do manicures, pedicures, finger nail treatments, coloring and waxing. Garrick worked for six years at a Barnwell hair salon before deciding to branch out on her own, she said.

Right now, Garrick's salon has one chair for hair and another for pedicures. She hopes to have a tanning bed in by the second week of February because "that's when tanning season starts," she said.

Later Garrick wants to add a small line of gifts, like the "Carolina Girl" clothing and accessories, she said.

Garrick takes walk-ins as well as clients by appointment. She cuts both men's and women's hair.

"I've had quite a few men come in. I think a lot of men think that because it's a salon, we don't do men's hair," she said. "Men clientele are the best clientele because they gossip as much as the women."

As a community offering, if a child's parent shows their Williston school student has made straight A's in the current semester, Garrick will give a 50 percent discount on the student's hair cut or treatment, she said.

"I feel that will encourage the kids and give parents a break," she said.

Right now, Garrick is a one-girl, one-chair operation, which suits her.

"It's just me and me getting to know my clients. Right now, that's good. It's more personal, one-on-one time with my clients," Garrick said.

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