Kline gets land for recreational usage

Recreation programs in area towns seem to be getting a boost even as the economy continues to slide.

With the construction continuing on the City of Barnwell's Lemon Park Sports Complex, the city has taken steps to ensure area youth have plent of places to play.

Even though the town of Kline has a much smaller population, they are moving forward with their own recreation plans.

For many years, softball has been a favorite pastime in Kline and with two new donations the town hopes to expand the recreation activities available.

The town recently received two donations of property for their recreation program, which will enable to the town to move forward with recreation projects.

Kline Mayor William Cave said two local families donated a total of 10 acres to the program.

The family of the late William Ben Harley and the family of the late Walter H. Jenkins each donated approximately five acres each to the town's recreation program, he said.

The town of Kline has been playing softball on a portion of this land for 15 to 20 years, Cave said.

The town had previously sought a grant to fund the building of a recreation park. However, because the town did not own the property, they were not qualified for the grant, Cave said.

Now with the ownership of the property, the town is pursuing a grant again. The grant would be for approximately $35,000, he said.
The money, if granted, would help to install playground type equipment, several basketball goals and a concession stand with restrooms, he said.

Cave would also like to install a fence around the property, he said.

At Kline's next council meeting, Cave said he would update them about the current activity for the park but would also like to have a contingent plan in place if no grant is awarded.

"It's too much property to just let it sit and do nothing," Cave said.

As an alternative for financing the park, Cave said the town would possibly seek donations and volunteers.

Kline town council meets the second Tuesday of each month at the town hall.