Family's quilt becomes its own flag of honor

Usually memories are held together by tiny snapshots in one's mind. This time the memories are threaded together by tiny stitches - as in a quilt.

Years ago, women family members got together to piece together remnants of dresses and shirts to put together beautiful, but practical quilts.

One family still carries on the tradition of quilting.

Jeanette Still and some family members got together recently for a day filled with plenty of stitches and lots of good food.

As with most quilts, the quilt the Still family is working on has a special meaning. It represents their family military history.

While the ladies stitched away, the gentlemen grilled outside.

Each member of the family who has or is serving in the military has a special spot on the quilt, Still said.

The ladies gathered together to stitch tiny threads into place to hold and honor these special family members and their service to the country.

Once complete, the quilt will be given away, Still said.

The family will sell raffle style tickets for a chance to win the quilt, she said.

The proceeds help pay for the expense of holding the yearly family reunion, she said.

The thoughts behind this quilt, like so many, are with honoring the military personnel and their service to the people of the United States.

Do you have a unique way of honoring those serving in the military in your own family? Let us know.

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