Williston town council approves fee increase

(The Williston Town Council voted on and/or discussed the following items at its April 13 regular meeting.)

• approved a second reading of an ordiance increasing the deposits for water, sewer and garbage services. This was the final reading of ordiance 2009-01.

• approved a first reading of ordinance, 2009-02, increasing the water tap fees for the town. A routine water tap will be $400. A non-routine tap will be based on the actual cost of the labor, materials and/or contractual services required to make the tap and install the meter, plus 10 percent, subject to the $400 minimum.

• Town Administrator Scott Neely updated council on the waste treatment plant repairs. The leaking check valves were removed and re-installed.

• town received approval to continue work on the wastewater treatment plant liner project.

• Council approved a plan seeking grant opportunities in conjunction with the upcoming expansion at Dixie-Narco. Neely said the town can seek grants after a study concerning the existing problems in the water system. The grants would come from the Economic Development Administration as part of the stimulus money.

• Neely also informed council of a request from Crane, Inc. to change the street name of Dixie Narco Boulevard to Crane Boulevard.

• Mayor Tommy Rivers reported the town's Easter egg hunt was sucessful and had the largest crowd to date.

• Neely informed council the police department had applied for several grants through the economic stimulus money.