PTSO brings on the fun

Faster than Blackville Coach Albert Pressley fell into the cool waters of a dunking booth at the PTSO Community Fun Day April 25 - college can sneak up on students.

The Parent Teacher Student Organization of Blackville held a community fun day where students and parents ate tasty treats and played a variety of games at the high school.

Students raced each other, held water balloon wars, tried their luck at bingo, and took turns dousing Pressley and Blackville-Hilda High School principal Vance Jones in a dunking booth.

"Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves aside from the hot weather," said Annie Walters, PTSO member and project coordinator.

And though the activities centered on fun and games, the focus on education was not downplayed.

"It is a time to get parents and children together to have fun, but also the importance of education and making sure students are on the road to college," said Walters.

"Parents are less likely to be involved with high school students - but we still want them to know that's it's important to be involved," said Jones.

Jones walked around and spoke to parents about education and drumming up their support for the 2009-10 school year.