Blackville fire chief resigns

The Blackville fire department is no longer under the supervision of its long-time fire chief.

During the regular meeting of the Blackville Town Council May 18, Mayor Jackie Holman told the town council that Fire Chief Charles Epps had resigned.

Before the announcement Holman said he wanted to "clarify a rumor."

Holman said there had been a rumor that Epps had been fired.

That rumor was false, Holman said.

The mayor said he had a meeting with the fire department last week over some "important issues."

Holman said some of those issues were not so "pleasing," including training and record-keeping.

"Chief Epps resigned the next day by letter," Holman said.

The new fire chief will be Hariel Corley, who has been the assistant fire chief for more than 20 years.

The first assistant chief will now be Jimmy Haskins and the second assistant chief will be Earthel Walker.

"Charles did us a good job," Holman said of Epps's service to the town.

Epps had been involved with the fire department in some capacity for more than 42 years.

The People-Sentinel reached Epps by press time, but Epps said he didn't want to comment on his leaving.