Blackville councilman resigns

Blackville needs one town official now but also wants another in the future.

During the regular monthly meeting May 18, council member Dan Ligon, resigned his position from the council, "effective today," Ligon said.

Ligon cited his business as the reason for his resignation.
Ligon owns a construction company that has been pursuing jobs in Texas.

Ligon said he thought the job would be temporary, but it has turned into longer term jobs and he didn't think he could effectively serve the town.

In past meetings, Ligon has been chided by Mayor Jackie Holman for missing meetings because of travel with his business.

Councilman Rubert "Russ" Reed told Ligon that he would "prefer that you (Ligon) stay."

In other council business:

• Ligon said that even though the town is facing shrinking budgets, he would like to see the town have an administrator.

Currently Holman serves as the town administrator and the mayor. His contract expires in June and council has decided not to renew.

Ligon said he saw no funds in the upcoming fiscal year budget for the position, but he would like to see the town try to find the funds to hire someone for an administrator position.

Ligon said if the town could find $25,000 for the benefits and the salary, he thought they could hire someone.

Ligon also said he would like to see this position combined with a grant writer position.

Holman said council may could trim and cut the budget to find the extra money for the position.

Councilman Harry Felder said he agreed it would be great for the town to have an administrator, even if it was part-time.

Felder said that spending the money for an administrator/grant person would be "the best money ever spent. But we would have to get serious about it."

• Dr. Marian Moseley with the Cambridge Counseling Center spoke to council members concerning her desire to start a healing retreat center in Blackville at the May 18 regular meeting.

Moseley, who is a native of Ninety-Six, now lives in Augusta, Ga.

Moseley said Blackville has been a special place to her for many years, especially Healing Springs.

Healing will be part of her new center.

Moseley said the center, which will be a nonprofit center, will hold retreats for mind/body healing.

"It will be holistic but medically accepted treatments," she said.

Moseley is interested in a house at the edge of the town and Holman said he didn't see that the zoning of the property in question would be a problem.

Holman asked for a motion from the council and council voted by motion to "support the endeavor."

• Council members also got a glimpse at what Macendonia Elementary students had been doing in recent months.

SyBrenda Holiday with MES presented council with the ‘Mayor's Blue Chip award' winners.

These young men playing a "stock market game," Holiday said.

This game was conducted in an after-school program designed to teach technology, math and communication skills.

Holiday explained the students were given a hypothetical $100,000 in which they were to research and purchase stocks.

The program lasted for six weeks and the winners received a $50 check and had dinner with the mayor and his wife as a reward.

• Council was presented with the winners of the Fair Housing Month poster contest.

This contest is a requirement when a municipality receives a community development block grant, Holman said.

• Council also adopted a first reaading of ordinance 2009.01 which establishes a budget for the town of Blackville for the fiscal year July, 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010.