Local car deal leads to Honduras

A local auto dealer's good deed toward two people will in turn be multiplied to eventually help hundreds of people.

Michael Nix of Whittle Motor Company in Williston got a call from Sam Turnipseed asking about available vehicles for a foundation in which Turnipseed and his wife, Roxanne volunteer.

The foundation, Honduras Agape Foundation, was in need of a vehicle for their mission work in Honduras, Turnipseed said.

Turnipseed said after talking with Nix, he offered to sell the vehicle, a seven-passenger Ford Expedition, to the Turnipseeds at a price, "well below his cost."

Renting a vehicle in Honduras is nothing like renting a vehicle in the States, with increased expenses and delays commonplace. Those delays can cause a lot of problems for the missionaries and the workers, he said.

The newly acquired sport utility vehicle will work for the foundation in two ways, Turnipseed said.

First, it will help with the establishment of a children's home which the Turnipseeds have been aiding.

Secondly, the SUV will be available to the individual mission teams of HAF to transport missionaries to remote areas, he said.

Some of the projects the foundation has already in place include Hi-way Ministry and the Quimistan Valley Scholars program. The Hi-way ministry is now feeding 50 to 60 children each Friday night. The Quimistan Valley Scholars program is designed to help the brightest of the poor to attain a post-high school education, Turnipseed said.

"The (QVS) program takes the very brightest of the very poor to send on to higher education, " Turnipseed said. "You are just providing matching money."

The foundation is also seeking funds to purchase a late model four-wheel drive pick-up, he said.

Local Rotary Clubs, Rotary International and Clube Rotary San Pedro Sula (Honduras) are all considering a request to grant funds for this project, he said.

The coordination of this project is by Lynn Shepard of Aiken area Rotaries and by Alex Arazo of Clube Rotary San Pedro Sula.

The Honduras Agape Foundation was formed after an initial trip to Honduras in 1999 to build houses for the poor who were left homeless after Hurricane Mitch, Turnipseed said.

There are many ways individuals and groups can help this foundation including:

• $550 - provides matching funds to send one scholar to college for one year through the QVS program.

• $350 - feeds fifty to sixty children one meals for five weeks.

• $125 - adopts a village and sends a doctor, nurse and medicines to a small village. Between fifty to sixty, primarily children are seen at each of these villages.

For more information on this foundation or about donating, please visit www.hondurasagape.com.