Everything's relative with grandfathered zoning

A question of what is allowed now and what was allowed in years pat in terms of zoning came before the Blackville Town Council recently.

Blackville Mayor Jackie Holman and Town Council heard a complaint from resident Stanley Ross.

Ross has been denied a second business license from town hall.

Ross currently has a business license for a produce stand on Solomon Blatt Avenue.

Holman said the proper procedure would be for Ross to schedule a hearing with the town's Zoning Board of Appeals but that Ross could speak to council concerning the issue but no action would be taken.

In 2003-2004, the town of Blackville was zoned for the first time.

During that time frame, Ross owned and operated a produce stand on his land on Soloman Blatt Avenue.

The property was zoned Residential 1 at that time but with an allowance for the produce stand, Holman said.

Now Ross would like to add an additional business at the same location, a hand car wash.

"What you had there already was okay but I can't override the zoning law," Holman said to Ross.

Other businesses along the street were also grandfathered in, Holman said.

Harriet McKnight, the town clerk in Blackville said that once a person has been denied a business license because of a zoning issue, the person must then go before the Zoning Board and present their case.

The Zoning Board then will issue a decision of whether or not to allow the new business to obtain a license.

If denied at the Zoning Board, McKnight said individuals would have to appeal the decision to a higher court.

Blackville Council appointed two new members and re-appointed three members to the Zoning Board May 25.

New appointments to the board are Mattie Felder and Kelvin Faust.

Reappointments were Lillian Harrison, Kin Orr and Joshua Saxton.

Evelyn Coker, of the Blackville Community Development Commission updated council on on-going projects.

Coker said the CDC will have a clean-up day at the old middle school in Blackville, June 19.

The CDC has plans to renovate the building for community use.

Council held a first reading of the 2010-2011 budget.

Mayor Jackie Holman said a budget workshop will be held June 15 at 6 p.m. to further finalize the up-coming budget.