Second of Third tops first

The second Third was better than the first.

The Third Thursday event, held on the Circle in downtown Barnwell June 17, persuaded residents to the Circle area to shop, hear a local saxophone player and see other entertainment despite the early rain.

The event is sponsored by the Barnwell Development Association, a nonprofit organization helping the city of Barnwell in its efforts to promote local businesses.

The focus of the event is to draw residents downtown to shop and enjoy local entertainment while supporting the local businesses, said Lynn Cox, the director.

Cox said even though the latest Third Thursday event started with rainy skies, it turned out to be better attended than the first event held in May.

Cox, who is also the city tourism and community development director, said she is working to bring new businesses downtown.

"Our core business center, in our case, downtown, is essential for our community's survival. Downtown must communicate vibrancy, vitality, and a sense of place," she said.

Cox said because of the work the city has done on its master plan projects, the city has received numerous compliments from industries that have considered Barnwell to locate their business.

"Our efforts over the past few years have made and will continue to make a difference in the decision-making of possible corporate partners," she said.

"So with consistency, we hope to build on this," she said of future events and Third Thursdays.

Memberships in the BDA for local businesses are $50 per year and members can be a part of Third Thursday events whether they are downtown or not. Individual and family memberships are also available for $25, Cox said.