Blackville Town Council still wrestling with nightclub issue

An issue plaguing Blackville Council for four months finally has some direction.

After hearing a request from Bridget Brown, the owner of Brown's Lounge, to operate and sell alcohol at her establishment, Mayor Jackie Holman said he would refer the issue to town attorney Miles Loadholt for review.

Brown's private club, which is also a nonprofit organization, was granted a town business license in the April 19 regular meeting of council.

At that time, Brown presented council with a business plan which included security.

However, council did not give their permission to operate the club on Sundays.

At the June 21 meeting, council again heard comments from Brown during the public comment section.

Holman told Brown that council would listen to her comments but no action would be taken because she was not on the agenda.

"With the proceeds from Brown's Lounge we are looking to give back to the community, particularly children and seniors," Brown said in a previous interview with The People-Sentinel.

Holman repeated to Brown that her establishment must close at midnight Saturdays and would not reopen until Monday until further notice.

Brown told council that she would not be open every Sunday but she did want to open on special occasions and for parties.

Holman asked council for any motions on the issue.

Councilman Kelvin Isaac made a motion to refer the issue to the town attorney and to follow whatever he discovered.

No councilmember seconded the motion.

With no second, Isaac's motion died. However, Holman polled council on how to proceed.

Councilmember Vivian Alston said she had no opinion until further clarification could be made to the town code and the state law.

Councilmember Ann Pernell said she did not believe the club should be allowed to sell alcohol after midnight.

Councilman Michael Beasley said he would like it to be spelled out as to what the town should do. He said there were too many questions for an opinion at this time.

Councilman Allen Harrison said he agreed it should be turned over to the town attorney.

Councilman Russell Reed said the club, being an nonprofit, did not make sense and he did not believe in selling alcohol on "the Lord's day."

"I would never vote in favor of it," he said of selling alcohol on Sunday.