Haley announces SRR partnership

Barnwell County School districts are getting free help from Savannah River Remediation in order to cut cost and improve education.
Engineers with SRR will work with the county's schools to save energy, streamline processes and increase efficiency. Money saved will go toward helping advance student's education.
The announcement came April 17 at the Barnwell County Career Center. The county's three district superintendents, Gov. Nikki Haley and SRR officials were in attendance.
Engineers will utilize Six Sigma techniques in the school system. Six Sigma is a common practice throughout the business community that uses tools and strategies to cut costs and improve quality.
Engineers will instruct school staff on Six Sigma practices and tour the districts' facilities to find ways to save energy and lower expenses.
Barnwell District 45 Superintendent Roy Sapough said the partnership is a perfect example of how the community can help improve education.
"Schools can't do it by themselves," he said.
Williston District 29 Superintendent Tom Siler said he looks forward to finding ways to reduce utility costs.
"That probably is one of our biggest concerns just because of the age of our buildings," he said.
Blackville District 19 Superintendent Teresa Pope said the money saved can be used in many ways. She said reducing class size and improving technology are priorities.
Haley said the partnership is a great example of how businesses can help their communities.
It's "a true example of how business and the private sector can work with the public sector in a way to really improve education," she said.
She said helping rural areas goes back to her roots.
"I've always been a hometown girl from a rural community that wants to do more for rural communities," she said.
In 2010 and 2011, SRR worked with schools in Aiken and Allendale counties. The results were over $190,000 in annual savings in Aiken and $18,500 in Allendale, according to a press release.
David Olson, SRR President and Project Manager, said, "Our goal is to help the educators save money here. ... We want to be a good neighbor"