Ring found 42 years later

Good things come in pairs.
That's what my mother used to tell me.
Last September, Christina Hammack and her fiancé, Louis Harmon, were metal detecting in Kline and found a 2005 Barnwell High School class ring that had been missing for four years.
They were able to find and return the $700 ring to its owner, Jerrell Myers, who is now living in Allendale.
Myers had worked his whole senior year to raise enough money to buy the ring.
The pair struck gold - literally and figuratively - again shortly after Christmas when Harmon came across a 1971 Northfield High School class ring while the couple was metal detecting near the old Springfield High School. And once again they set out to find the owner.
"It was buried four inches in the ground," Harmon said.
Northfield was the high school in Norway. It closed years ago and a new building, Hunter-Kinard-Tyler High School, was built.
The ring has the initials "S.A.T." on it, but at first glance Hammack thought it read, "S.A.G." So when she got their hands on a list of the 1971 Northfield senior class, she thought they'd come up empty.
But then Hammack thought maybe it was a "T" instead of a "G." And on the list they saw the name Shirley Ann Thomas.
The couple spread word around Springfield and their hometown of Salley. With a little help from Salley Fire Chief Gene Fogle and Fire Chaplain Bobby S. Williams, they were able to find Thomas' father, who got them in touch with his daughter.
The group met outside the old Springfield High School May 13 and Thomas, now married to James Kirkland and living in Blackville, got her ring back.
She gave Hammack and Harmon a hug and said she wasn't sure how her ring, which still fits on her finger, ended up by the high school. She lost it the same year she graduated: 42 years ago.
She could still remember her mother yelling, "You lost your ring!" when she told her.
Harmon also found a band button near the school. He plans to donate it to the museum currently housed in the school.
Hammack and Harmon are moving to Kentucky at the end of May.