SRS workers back on the job full time

Employees at the Savannah River Site returned to their normal work schedules this week, according to an email to workers from Savannah River Nuclear Solutions President Dwayne Wilson.
Over 2,000 employees at the nuclear site have been on 32-hour work schedules since April due to automatic cuts that took effect in March because of sequestration in the federal government. And hundreds were facing full furloughs beginning June 1 unless additional funds were found.
Originally, SRS was looking at $100 million in cuts, but two weeks ago committees in Congress and the White House Office of Management and Budget agreed to allow the Department of Energy, which oversees SRS, to take $79 million from other projects and put it toward SRS. The process is called "reprogramming."
In the email, Wilson said he had received notification that the additional funding will be available no later than this week.
"Thus, we will immediately begin the process to return employees to their normal work schedules," Wilson said in the email.
Employees finished last week on the 32-hour schedule.
"Now we can all get back to doing what we do best, providing exceptional services and expertise in nuclear materials management and environmental cleanup for SRS and our nation," Wilson said.