New council members are focused on keeping Williston strong

Williston Town Council welcomed new faces during its regular October meeting. A new mayor, Jason Stapleton, took the helm and three new council members were sworn in. Below are brief profiles on the new members.

Shawn Eric Moody

Shawn Eric Moody said he ran for town council because he wanted to get involved and help the citizens of Williston.

Moody, a lifelong resident of the Williston-Elko community, said although he doesn't have a major agenda he doesn't want to see the town become complacent. He wants to see Williston continue to make steady progress.

"I'm glad to serve the town I grew up in; help the citizens," he said.

One area Moody said he wants to see progress made in is drugs and crime.

"We all know we got a gang and drug problem in the county," he said, the town needs to focus its time on trying to get a hold of that and slow it down.

Moody, 41, has been a regular attendee at council meetings, and said he was going to run for council two years ago but decided against it.

A boilermaker employed with SRNS, he and his wife, Jennifer, have five sons ages 3, 10, 16, 19 and 20. A born-again Christian, Moody said he tries his best to live by the Lord's word.

Moody said he is more on the conservative side politically. He coaches recreational sports, enjoys hunting and fishing and is always ready to support his Blue Devils. He is also a youth pastor at Winfield Heights Baptist Church.

Moody said he will have an open-door policy when it comes to working with council members and residents.

Chris Rivers

Chris Rivers wants to build on the foundation left by those who came before him on Williston Town Council.

Rivers, son of former Mayor Tommy Rivers, wants to maintain a solid fiscal policy and do anything he can to serve as a leader in the community.

"I don't want to see things slip, where we're struggling financially like other small towns," he said.

Rivers, 48, grew up in Williston. His wife, Tonja, is a school teacher and they have two sons. He owns a real estate company and is an operations manager at SRS.

"I live here and I care," he said.

He doesn't have a specific agenda or a list of things he wants to accomplish while on council, but he said tackling the town's water infrastructure, a longtime problem, is a priority.

This is isn't Rivers' first go around in public office, he was on the school board for one term before losing a close election this spring. He said he learned a lot from this time on the board.

Rivers, who enjoys riding his motorcycle and is active with Refuge Outreach Ministries, said he is an Independent when it comes to politics and that he crosses party lines on a lot of issues. He said he will try to do what's right for the people of Williston.

"I hope in the future we can make some good decisions for Williston," he said.

Dwayne Cagle

Dwayne Cagle may be retired, but he's still working to help his community.

Cagle, a lifelong resident of Williston, said he wants to see improvements to the town's water infrastructure and roads. He also wants to see more industry come to the small community.

He retired three years ago from his job as a subcontractor at SRS. He said family, friends and others in the community felt strongly he should run for council.

Cagle, a Republican, ran for election two years ago but lost by 40 votes. But this year there was no election after town council decided to not hold one since the three candidates - for three council seats - faced no opposition.

Cagle said, "If you do what's right, you can't be wrong," when talking about his principles.
Cagle, 53, played football at Williston-Elko High and graduated in 1978. He and his wife, Joanne, have two children, Justin and Nicole.

An active chairman of the board of deacons at Rosemary Baptist Church, Cagle also likes to fish and practice woodwork. He enjoys spending time with his four grandchildren - three boys and one girl. He coached little league baseball and football when his son was growing up and looks forward to coaching his grandsons.